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Ken Pauley

Position: Firefigher / Volunteer President
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PO Box 420, Georgetown, CA 95634
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Ken Pauley joined the Georgetown Fire Department on December 13, 2010, and has dedicated 12 years of service to the department. He currently holds the position of Firefighter and serves as the Volunteer President.

Originally from San Jose, Ken's career background spans over 30 years in the field of IT. His journey led him to Georgetown in 2010 when he fell in love with the area during a visit. Despite having no prior experience in the fire service, Ken's strong desire to support the local community and connect with new people motivated him to enroll in the Georgetown Fire Academy in January 2011.

Since then, Ken has been an integral part of the firefighting team, continuously honing his skills and contributing to the department's mission. In addition to his role as a firefighter, he has been actively involved in the administration of the Georgetown Volunteers. He served as the Treasurer/Secretary from 2014 and, as of 2023, has taken on the significant responsibility of leading the organization as its President.

Outside of his firefighting duties, Ken has also contributed his expertise to the Georgetown Divide Public Utility District as a member of the Finance Committee, further demonstrating his commitment to community service and ensuring the welfare of Georgetown residents.

Away from work, Ken enjoys pursuing personal hobbies and activities. He is an avid animal lover. His genuine passion for the community and dedication to serving others make him an exceptional asset to the Georgetown Fire Department and an inspiring individual to work alongside.

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