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Station Information

May contain: fire station, fire truck, truck, vehicle, and transportation

Station 61


Phone Number: (530) 333-4111

6281 Main Street
Georgetown, CA 95634

Station 61 is District’s Headquarters Station and also houses the Admin Offices. Engines and Medic Units are staffed 24 hours, 7 days a week.




May contain: tree, plant, garage, indoors, and outdoors

Station 62


7331 Wentworth Springs Road
Georgetown, CA 95634

Station 62 is a Volunteer Fire Station serving the Georgetown Area.




May contain: garage and indoors

Station 63


4900 Volcanoville Road
Georgetown, CA 95634

Station 63 is a Volunteer Fire Station serving the Volcanoville Area.




May contain: garage, indoors, housing, building, architecture, outdoors, house, car, vehicle, transportation, wheel, and machine

Station 64

Sliger Mine

2065 Sliger Mine Road
Greenwood, CA 95635

Station 64 is a Volunteer Fire Station, serving the Greenwood Area.




May contain: truck, vehicle, transportation, garage, indoors, and car

Station 65


10561 Sand Mountain Blvd
Georgetown, CA 95634

Station 65 is a Volunteer Fire Station and a joint venture with the US Forest Service.

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