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this sophisticated scanner has 500 alpha-tagged channels in a convenient compact design with loads of features. The scanner comes pre-programmed with all the channels you will need to monitor law and fire for the El Dorado County West Slope.

Custom programming is available. Please let us know if you need additional channels programmed when ordering. Pre-pay now and you will be contacted once your scanner is available. Training is available when you pick up. Pick up will be at Georgetown Fire Station 61 on Main St. in Georgetown, CA.

Your scanner will be programmed with the following channels. The channels are store in storage banks to allow for easy selection by group. Turn banks on and off by selecting the associated number on the keypad.

Bank 1 – West Slope Fire Dispatch & Command
Fire Dispatch (Priority)– All El Dorado & Amador County west slope fire & EMS dispatch.
Fire Command – All traffic once units are dispatched and either en-route or on scene
USFS Fire – US Forest Service fire traffic once units are dispatched and either en-route or on scene

Bank 2 – El Dorado Law Enforcement
EDSO – El Dorado County Sheriff Department Main Channel
USFS Law – US Forest Service Law Enforcement
CHP Green – California Highway Patrol – Placerville/Auburn/Grass Valley

Bank 3 – Aircraft, EMS & Fire
CALCORD – Air Ambulance traffic between ground units and aircraft
CDF AIR/GROUND 1, 2, 3 – Air to Ground traffic on CAL FIRE Incidents
AIR/GROUND 14, 59 – Air to Ground traffic on USFS Incidents

Bank 4 – Tactical – Fires & Traffic Collisions
CDF TAC 2, 5, 8, 9 – CAL FIRE tactical channels
VFIRE 21-26 – Incident tactical channels
USFS Tac 4-5 – US Forest Service tactical channels
NIFC TAC 1-3,5-7 – National Interagency Fire Center Tactical channels
Tactical channels are used for units at a scene to communicate with each other. You will only hear this traffic if you are in range of units at scene. Usually only about 1 mile range.

Bank 5 – Weather
WX 1-6 – Weather Channels – Channel will broadcast weather continuously for your area. Using bank 5 will cause scanner to lock onto weather until bank is disabled.

Bank 6 – CALFIRE Command Repeater Network
CALFIRE CMD 1-4,6-12 – Major incidents (large fires) will typically move to this repeater network for command traffic.

Bank 7 – Amateur Radio
805 Repeater – High Sierra 805 repeater with link into Rubicon trail area. Used frequently for emergency coordination by amateur radio operators in the back country.

Training Materials

Scanner Programming Software, USB Driver, Manual

BC125AT Scanner Loads - OneDrive (

Radio Reference – Scanner Frequency Website

Scanner Training Powerpoint

Frequency List

Response Area List

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