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Services & Service Area

Engine Coverage

Current District staffing includes a full time Chief, a full time Administrative Assistant, two full time Firefighter-EMTs, and a part time Fire Equipment Mechanic.There are approximately 30 fire line volunteer firefighters on the roster.

Ambulance Service

In 1981, the District became a part of a cooperative agreement with El Dorado County Service Area Seven. Thus, the District houses, operates and administers an Advanced Life Support ambulance twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week. Two personnel are on duty at any given time providing ambulance service to the entire Divide.

Service Area

Presently, the District covers 96 square miles containing 2330 parcels. The population of the District is about 6,500. The District has one elementary school, an alternate education primary grade school facility, and a small K-4 schoolhouse within its boundaries. Commercial development is located in primarily two geographical areas of the District within a mile of each other. In addition, there is a general aviation airport, a water treatment facility and two bulk propane plants that are known target hazards.

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